Version 1.0.5 - Post Jam Alpha


Dig through the legendary treasure chest to find the three gem boxes.

Be careful not to get taken out by other hunters or dynamite explosives!



Space - Start Game

WASD - Move around

Space - Jump

Shift - Dash

Mouse Left - Shoot Harpoon/Move to Harpoon

Mouse Right - Use Pickaxe

Esc - Restart


All 3D assets, gameplay code and music were made 100% for this jam.

3D assets and gameplay code:

Music and SFX by Thomas Olsson:


Updated 2 days ago
Published 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Singleplayer


20200112_BOUNTY_GameJamSubmission.rar 20 MB

Development log


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Really was struck by how polished your game was, its so well made. I guess the only thing i would have liked is some KABOOM sound effects. Good luck in the jam, I have included your game in a video I made, I hope you don't mind!

Hey thanks so much for playing my game!

I dont mind at all! I had a great time watching you playing 😊

Love the costume commitment too 😁


Hi! Thanks for the reply, hope to see more games from you. Good luck!