Current Version - [Avocado v0.1.7 Early Prototype]

Tavern Life is slice of life fantasy RPG game that is inspired by some of my favourite games; Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.

I am building a rich fantasy world where players can enjoy building up their tavern from the ground up whilst living a day to day life with friends and neighbors!

This is very early in development. but I want to start a devlog in order to get feedback from you guys which will help me to make this experience the best it can be :)


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Controls Mouse (No keyboard support yet)

Outside Menus:

WASD - Movement
< > - Scroll through Items
E - Use an interactable

In Menus:

Esc - Leave Menu
Click to interact with UI



TavernLife - 0.1.7.rar 54 MB

Development log