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Tavern Life

A fantasy slice of life tavern management game · By pixel-reverie


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Recent updates

Hey everyone! I have updated quite a lot this time around, with some exciting new elements working! In particular, the dinner time sequence. How does it work?...
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TavernLife - v0.1.5 [Avocado]
This update has some fairly big changes, especially around the crafting systems! I changed crafting from a "minecrafty" implementation into a recipe focused sys...
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Let's talk about Alcohol!
Let's talk about brewing Alcohol! Specifically about BEER. In Tavern Life, the player is running a bar, eventually a restaurant and finally an inn, as they prog...
What's next?
Prototype 0.2.0 is the first major update that I am working towards. The general idea of this update is to create a polished prototype that communicates the cor...
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TavernLife - v0.1.2 [Avocado]
This is the first update in which I am actually attaching a playable! Now the state of the core game loop is not yet where it needs to be for real testing to ta...
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TavernLife - v0.1.1 [Avocado]
+ Updated to Unity2019.2.0f1 + Added Garden Area + Added Localization Support (i2 Localization) + Added Controller Support (Rewired) + Added Dialogue System (Pi...
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