TavernLife - v0.1.5 [Avocado]

This update has some fairly big changes, especially around the crafting systems!

I changed crafting from a "minecrafty" implementation into a recipe focused system. I think it makes a lot more sense to do it this way. Recipes can have multiple input items and multiple output items, all supporting item stacking (stacks currently capped at 99).

In addition to the standard crafting, there is also support for more complex crafting, or alternative condition crafting. The oven has a wait time required in addition to the required items.

The brewing system is the most complex however, with name and description generation as well as flavour profiles. Because of the focus on brewing, the brewing crafting menu is much more unique.

In general, things are coming along well with the crafting, but there is still much to do!

I want to get some feedback on what I have so far, and try to round it all off nicely before moving onto some other big systems like the dialogue or event system.


+Added Wheat and Octopus Soup Items
+Added Meal, Snack, Drink, Dessert tags to items
+Refactored items to work with stacks
+Changed the camera angle slightly
+Fixed missing Item Keys
+Added Item Name UI to the inventory bar
+Added Banana Chunk and Apple Slices items and icons
+Added new Brew interface
+Redesigned the menu creator UI
+Fixed Arrow visibility bug in Stock UI Panel
+Updated Fonts
+Added Beer Display UI widget
+Added Beer Consumption logic and visual feedback
+Added support for multi input crafting
+Added support for multi output crafting
+Redesigned shop panel
+Redesigned Oven crafting
+Redesigned Chopping crafting


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Sep 28, 2019

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