Hey everyone!

I have updated quite a lot this time around, with some exciting new elements working! In particular, the dinner time sequence.

How does it work?

1. Cook your food and brew your beer!

2. Set up your menu!

3. Wait for dinner time: (6pm)

4. Serve your patrons!

4. Well deserved sleep


+Added 3D chopping section to chopping board crafting menu
+Received items now go to the inventory first if possible. If not possible they go to the stock.
+Inventory slots now show up in the stock selection panels
+Added batch buying option to shop
+Added new container panel for moving items between inventory and stock
+Added category tag to shop selector
+Added category tag to all item panels
+Added consume sell value to items
+Added gold cost to all relevant panels
+Added count display to meal assignment
+Updated all item prices
+Set up a new Dinner Time architecture
+Added more information for characters
+Updated Pixel Crushers dialogue system
+Added barkbox UI
+Added character barks during dinner time "I'm hungry!" etc
+Created Meal and Beer recommendation panels
+Integrated dialogue with recommendations
+Added Elora, Felicia, Siegfried and Tormund conversations
+Reduced the build filesize


TavernLife - 0.1.7.rar (Windows) 52 MB
90 days ago

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Looks really great! :D
Is there also a macOS/web version?

Hey! Unfortunately I can not build for macOS, but I can build for WebGL!
Would that work for you? :)

Yeah, WebGL is fine!


I have a few big issues I need to resolve, then I will build a WebGL version of the game! I'll comment here again once I do :)

Alright, can’t wait!

I have added a WEBGL build to the project page!