What's next?

Prototype 0.2.0 is the first major update that I am working towards.

The general idea of this update is to create a polished prototype that communicates the core of Tavern Life.
Once the core is established I would love to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible!


The main goals with this update are:

~The full Core Game Loop~

The Cooking, Brewing, Menu Creation, Profit Gain and Costs are at the center of Tavern life. This is the work part of the day, akin to Harvest Moons farming system. So I will be focusing on getting a progression loop working for these aspects as well as ironing out any bugs.

~Controller Support~

The controller support is going to be a good step in getting feedback on feel and flow, so I am focusing on this as well.

~Japanese (日本語) Support~

Since I am living in Japan and think that this game would be very interesting to the Japanese gaming community, I want to support Japanese fully in the next Update. This is really no big deal since their are no conversations aimed for this update! The localization system is in place, and ready for translation. (My girlfriend will likely help me out with it since she is a native Japanese speaker and will catch any of my strange translations!)


Anyway until the main update, I will likely be doing intermediate updates just to get things out there!

Kind Regards,


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Aug 19, 2019

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