Let's talk about Alcohol!

Let's talk about brewing Alcohol!

Specifically about BEER.

In Tavern Life, the player is running a bar, eventually a restaurant and finally an inn, as they progress through the game.

Obviously crafting is very important, and thus I have started to put a lot more thought and work into the various areas.


With the brewing of beer, I wanted to go for a simple approach (Steering clear of falling into a boring simulation).

But I also want to stay true to the joy of making your own product and bringing it to market (Or to your patrons in this case!)

So what I have come up with is this:

1. Choose a type of drink to create. 

They should all be treated in a specific way, so they have separate UI designs too.
Beer is the focus of the current development, so lets not talk too much about the others, but for now the category displays: Beer, Cocktails, Wine

2. Generate a name for your brew

The random generator uses the Twitter conceived naming convention of [Optional Prefix] [Profession] [Word you Don't Understand]

Some examples of names taken from the generator:

Armorer's Zenith
Lady's Augend
Bookbinder's Abjure
A Hunter's Fulsome
Thatchers Worrit
Butcher's Cavil

I found that generating the name first provides a lot of inspiration to the following choices!

3. Choose a mug!

Using the fantastic free sprites from here: https://pulsarxstudio.com/fantasy-medieval-beer-icons/

You can choose the mug of the beer that you are crafting! 

In the future I'd like to introduce colour variations and brand emblems as well.

4. Choose a Malt

Choose a base flavour profile ! The colour of the malt name is the colour of the flavour. The flavours can be seen in the 3 bars below.

5. Choose a Yeast

Finish the base flavour profile by choosing a yeast! I am actually considering changing this to influence the colour of the brew more than the flavour profile. Dark Ale, Pale Ale etc.

6. Add additional flavouring

Here is the interesting part, where you can really get a craft beer feel. A lot of items that you have in stock can be used to add flavouring to the Beer.  A bit of caramel, some apple, maybe a lime? Its up to you!

7. Start the brew

Brews will take a while! But remember they are being made in a large barrel, so the produced goods will be plentiful!

You will be able to purchase more barrels to keep multiple brews going at once! More options for your patrons.


I'm now working on the Brew completed screen.

So far I have a few thoughts flying around:

+ Produce a random amount of mugs of beer  between 15-20
+ Alternatively have a button "Put on tap". Patrons will have access to the supply until it either runs out or you "Sell remainder and start a New Brew"
+ Have the flavour profile displayed
+ In addition to the flavour profile, generate a description: A high class bitter Dwarven Lager with strong hints of cinnamon and apple
+ Display a price per Pint value so you know how much you make for each successful sale
+Display a quality rating. As you brew more, you will make much higher quality brews

Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have!

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